How Much Does It Cost To Put In An Inground Pool?

So many people are asking “How much does it cost to put in an inground pool?” There are a number of things that you will have to take into consideration when you are looking for quotes for a new pool. This is why you will find that most of the pool installers out there are not able to answer “How much does it cost to put in an inground pool?” Also, you would like for it to be affordable, especially if you are looking at installing the best pool cleaner that might be expensive.

How Much Does It Cost To Put In An Inground Pool?

This will be determined with the following:

Considering The Size Of Your Backyard

Most of them out there will ask you a few questions, like what size pool you are looking to install. Here you will have to consider the size of your backyard.

  • You will also have to keep in mind that a pool cannot or should not go up too close to your exterior surrounding walls. So you will want to go with a pool size that allows for about a meter or two around your pool.
  • You will then need to decide if you are going to put your pool in the front or the back of your house.
  • You will need to take weather into consideration here. Where does the wind blow more, in your backyard or in the front?
  • Base this decision on the ground on both areas too. Is the ground harder to dig up in your front garden or back garden.

These are things that they pool companies are going to take into consideration, and things that will push the price of the labor up a little more.

The Type Of Inground PoolInground Pool And How Much Does It Cost To Put In An Inground Pool

You will then decide about the type of pool you are going to get, wholesale fiberglass swimming pools are cheaper than any of the types of pools out there. But you will have to keep in mind that it does not do well under pressure and as time goes on you will find that your entire pool will move and settle down more and more.

Choosing The Material Of The Pool

The one problem that you will have to overcome is if you have any large rocks in the ground your pool is in. These rocks will put pressure on the outside of your pool and will eventually penetrate the construction surface, which is not something that you will want. So you have to think long and hard about the material of the pool you are going to get, and if you do have large rocks in your ground, go for stronger marble.

Talk to the contractors and ask them about how they do it, because some of them do throw sand in the hole before inserting the pool.

If you are going to do a diy job, you will need to be well informed before you start. Get your concrete, sand, filters, tile and everything else you are going to need before your dig your hole, so that you will get your own question answered in your own time, which is “How much does it Cost to put in an Inground Pool?”

Information On Salt Water Swimming Pools

The most obvious difference between a salt water pool and a traditional pool is that salt water swimming pools are filled with salt water, thus being treated and cleaned with salt, where the traditional pools are filled with chlorinated water and treated with chlorine. There are a few other differences and we are going to cover some of them in the article below. If you are looking for a pool for your backyard, it is not as simple as calling up a pool company and getting them to put a pool in anymore, you need to know if you are going to go for one of the salt water swimming pools or not.

The Different Pumps That You Choose To Use

If you like the ocean you can base your choice simply on that, but you will need to look at a few other things first.

  • There is no size difference with the pool, whether it is salt water or chlorinated water, but there is a difference with the pumps you use.
  • There is no way you can use a tradition pump and filter with a salt water pool, so you will have to learn more about those.
  • The pool company you are going to use will be happy to give you the difference, but you will also want to know about maintenance and the initial price of the system.

Inground PoolIf you do not want to dig a huge hole in your garden you may want to think about getting above ground salt water swimming pools. You get many different sizes in these, and where you put it really does not make a difference, as long as the surface under the pool is smooth, level and is free from any sharp objects.

Residential pools are not that different from pools that are installed at businesses, like public pools, that is of course if the pools are looked after the way they should. The only real difference is the size of the pool, as public pools; have to be much larger than the type of pool you are going to get installed at your home.

Consider The Health Issues

If you are still trying to decide on the type of water maintenance you are going to use, you need to look into the health issues that come with chlorine pools and the health issues with salt water pool.

  • As salt is a natural ingredient you will find that a lot of people who suffer from allergies will try to stay away from chlorine pools and will rather go with salt water swimming pools.

Before you choose a pool make sure that you get the prices of the test kits for the type of water you are going to have, and the equipment you are going to need.

Make sure that you understand the advantages and the disadvantages of having salt water swimming pools and how much time it will take in your daily routine to clean and maintain, so that you can make an informed choose when you buy salt water pool systems.


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