Stucco Finishes – Applying Wet And Dry Dashes

Stucco FinishesIf you are trying to determine which stucco finishes are the best options for your home you can choose from a few. It really depends on which style you like the best and if you plan on applying the finish yourself. If you plan on constructing the stucco walls on your own the two most common options you will choose from include the wet dash or the dry dash.

Many people take on a project of a stucco finish on the interior or the exterior of their home. You can do this project on your own. Wet dash and dry dash finishes are the easiest for homeowners to do on their own and the most common.

The Wet Dash Stucco Finishes

The wet dash stucco finishes are the easiest to apply to a home and there are many different styles you can choose from when you perform a wet dash finish.

  • Several of the different options include the broom dash, sand spray, spatter dash, rough cast, and the pebble dash.
  • The rough cast and the pebble dash give the same finish. You will mix together cement grout and pebbles.
  • This will be thrown against a wet mortar to complete the finish.
  • The spatter dash is basically the same thing but you will add sand stone screenings or coarse sand into a thinner mixture of cement.

The best thing to use to throw the mixture against the mortar is a paddle.

Sand spray and broom dash stucco finishes are not applied by throwing the mixture onto the wall. This type of finish is accomplished by applying the mixture using a broom or a fiber brush. You can choose which type of tool to use, so that it gives you the finish you are trying to achieve. It is important to be consistent so that the outcome of the finish is the same all over.

Dry Dash Stucco FinishesPebble Dash

The dry dash stucco finishes are much more difficult to do than the wet dash applications. They also require much more time and patience.

  • When you are applying the dry dash finish to a home you have to use a lot of force.
  • You will throw the stone chips, pebbles, or pieces of shell against the mortar once it has begun to dry. This can be tiring and exhausting.
  • It is important that once you begin the dry dashing you finish it, otherwise your finish might not be consistent.
  • It may also be more difficult for you to obtain the look you are after by not finishing everything in one go.
  • The dry dash finish not only requires you to throw the rock on the home but you will need to use dry wall finish tools, like a float, to push the rock carefully into the mortar.

Never rub the surface with the tools, only gently push the rocks into place.

If you are thinking about stucco finishes as a project for your home, you might consider wet or dry dashes. Consider how each finish is applied to the home before you make a decision. The wet dash is the easiest to perform and the dry dash can be quite labor intensive.

Popularity Of Stucco Walls

Some mixtures include additives such as synthetic acrylics or fibers which help provide additional strength to the mixture. This mixture is extremely durable and only requires a base layer and a finish layer. This means builders can apply the siding of stucco exterior walls quicker than other materials. Stucco is durable enough that it will outlast almost any type of siding on a home or exterior wall.

It Is Weather Resistant

Stucco walls are also chosen because of its weather resistance properties. This type of material is ideal for homes in desert areas with a large amount of exposure to the sun. Sun damage is not a factor for stucco. Other materials like wood eventually rot and need to be replaced after years of sun and rain exposure.

  • Stucco can withstand the sun and large amounts of rain.
  • It is also resistant to extreme weather conditions such as monsoons, snow, heavy wind, and more. People who live in areas where the weather can be extreme prefer stucco because of this factor.

The great thing about stucco is that this mixture can be applied to almost any type of pre-existing siding. If the stucco exterior walls do need repairing for any reason, it is very easy to do. Most people choose to apply stucco siding to their home on their own and they can repair cracks or damages to the material on their own also. If you are looking for a mixture you can Stucco Finishesapply and repair by yourself, stucco finishes is the best option.

Used As An Exterior Finish

Stucco walls also look very nice as an exterior finish. It is very appealing and can completely change the look and feel of any home. A stucco home looks very attractive and classy in any neighborhood. The finish makes the home look clean and well kept. Wood cracks, breaks are susceptible to dry rot, and paint chips. Painting Stucco doesn’t have these issues. Maintenance is easy as well, because the most you need to do is power wash it once a year to spray away the dust and dirt that accumulates from the wind.

Applying Exterior Stucco

If you are thinking about applying exterior stucco to your home it is an excellent project and is a good way to give your home a new look and feel. Stucco is a very good choice for siding material because of the durability, weather resistance, texture, and its ease of painting. Many homeowners who live in severe climates love stucco because their homes are still in mint condition after many years of extreme weather.

Tips On Applying Exterior Stucco Walls

A house with a stucco walls finish has nothing more but two or three thin coats of mortar.

  • The mortar is part masonry cement, sand, lime, and water.
  • Keep in mind that if you want to use stucco on the exterior of your house then it should only be applied to a solid backing.
  • Don’t try to add stucco to something like fiberboard sheathing or foam insulation. The problem with that materials are that strong bond with the stucco cannot be achieved.
  • You will find that if kids are playing out in the yard and throw a ball against it then the wall material could be dented or damaged. A solid backing allows for the stucco to dry and solidify in a more permanent manner which allows the material to be durable.

There are many different types of textures you might choose from when you are applying exterior stucco. You are not confined to one option. You can play with the possibilities of the stucco finishes and textures by using your trowels. Feel free to experiment with different techniques to come up with the texture you like. However, be sure that you choose a texture that is easy to do over an entire house or the area you want to cover with stucco.

The Pros Of Exterior Stucco Walls

One of the positive things about applying exterior stucco is that if you leave it without a tint then it will dry to a medium gray color. Some people like the natural color of stucco but you can add oxide pigment to the coat if you like. Painting stucco is also easy to do and this might be just what you want. Be careful if you choose to add pigment, be sure you are exact about the measurements and that you mix each batch of coating exactly the same. If not, the colors may not be consistent. Bright white stucco can be obtained easily by mixing white Portland cement, white silica sand, and lime together.

Having Fun With StuccoStucco Finishes

Applying exterior stucco is a fun project for many homeowners and they usually love the way it turns out when the project is completed. Be sure you only add stucco finishes to areas of a home that have a solid backing. You can use stucco indoors or on the exterior walls of a home. It is more common to use stucco on the exterior. Painting stucco is very popular and you have many different options for giving the material different colors. You can add oxide pigments to the material or you can even mix together a colored material before you begin applying it to the home.

It Is The Perfect Option

Stucco walls are extremely popular for many reasons among home builders and new home owners. Stucco looks very classy and is attractive to the eye. This type of material for siding of a home is chosen because of the durability and weather resistance factors. Not only does it look fantastic on the exterior of a home but the longevity by far outlasts any other type of exterior siding used on a structure. This mixture is also easy to install yourself and repair if damage should occur. It is also favored because most weather conditions cannot damage this material so walls and floors maintenance is not that big of a necessity. If you want to completely change the look and feel of your home, you might choose stucco as the best option.



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